Operation Volcano of Rage of the Libyan Army, based in Tripoli, has denied via its media office storming Corenthia Hotel in the capital where the Presidential Council convenes its meetings.

The media office said after the meeting of the operation leaders on Friday to clarify their stance on the latest developments, especially the recent government appointments and controversial statements of the Foreign Minister, the leaders went to Corenthia Hotel to meet the Head of the Presidential Council.

The media office said no violent acts took place at the hotel as was reported on media outlets, adding that the leaders met with the secretary of the Head of the Presidential Council and made an appointment for a meeting with the Presidential Council members on Saturday.

The Presidential Council Head's secretary Mohammed Al-Mabrouk, who was rumored to be kidnapped by the operation leaders, appeared in footage on social media denying being attacked or abducted, saying he and the protesters agreed on a meeting later to gather them with the Presidential Council members.

"We need the ceasefire to be applicable on both sides," Wadi Rabea frontline commander of Operation Volcano of Rage, Mukhtar Al-Jahawi, said, referring to continuous military support arriving for Khalifa Haftar's forces, whom he said were not abiding by the orders of the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army to halt media statements and meetings without prior permission, reiterating support for the Government of National Unity, Presidential Council and the civil state.