Libyan aids estimated at about 19 tons, meant to reach to the residents of Gaza, arrived in the Egyptian city of Al-Arish near the Rafah border, where aid trucks are expected to enter the besieged Palestinian Strip.

The aids include medicines and medical supplies, which landed at Al-Arish International Airport, in preparation for being transferred to Gaza via Rafah border, where coordination is being made to deliver it to the Palestinian Red Crescent that will then deliver it to people in the Gaza Strip.

"The Libyan delegation tasked with delivering aid met with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Red Crescent - North Sinai Branch, Khalid Zayed, and the head of operations inside the Gaza Strip on Thursday, reviewing the steps and procedures regarding the entry of aid into central Gaza." Misrata Municipality said. 

The Egyptian Red Crescent expressed its readiness to facilitate procedures and overcome difficulties, so that these shipments reach the Gaza Strip as quickly as possible.

Information from the Egyptian Red Crescent showed, in early November, that Libya ranked second in terms of the volume of humanitarian aid provided to the Gaza Strip, with a total of about 447 tons, behind Egypt, which provided 6,944 tons.