The Libyan Minister-designate of Interior, Emad Al-Trabelsi, has agreed with the Tunisian Interior Minister, Kamal Feki, on a solution that ends the crisis of the illegal immigrants, who have been stranded in inhumane conditions on the joint border for over a month.

Al-Trabelsi’s agreement with Feki came in a meeting in Tunis on Wednesday, when the two sides discussed facilitating travel for Libyan nationals via the joint Ras Ajdair border.

They also reviewed possible solutions for the similarity of certain names of citizens as they faced problems while they travelled to Tunisia, in addition to security cooperation.

The Tunisian General Labor Union has earlier called for the protection of the Tunisian borders through a tripartite agreement with Libya and Algeria, refusing to deal for the immigration file through security solutions.

The Libyan-Tunisian border witnessed an increase in the number of African immigrants trying to cross the border into Libya on their way to Europe, amid accusations that Tunisia had deliberately deported them toward Libya.

Human rights organizations accuse the Tunisian authorities of abusing and beating immigrants during their expulsion to the Libyan border, while the Tunisian Ministry of Interior denies such accusations.