Libya and Tunisia have reached comprehensive and permanent solutions on the issues plaguing the joint border crossings, Libya's Acting Minister of Interior, Imad Trabels, said on Tuesday, affirming that the Ras Ajdir point is now fully under the state's control.

In a press conference with his Tunisian counterpart Kamal Al-Feki at the crossing, Trabelsi underlined the continuous efforts to equip the port with necessary operational and technical resources. 

He reflected on the successful management at the ports of Misrata, Tripoli, and Mitiga Airport, noting similar success at the Ras Ajdir crossing, as he emphasized the ministry's commitment to professionalism and distancing from tribal influences in its decisions.

Libya's minister also addressed the extensive smuggling activities occurring through the Libya-Tunisia border, including the trafficking of people, fuel, money, and drugs, noting that many of these smuggling networks have been dismantled in collaboration with the Tunisian authorities.

Further, Trabelsi stressed the full cooperation of the Tunisian gendarmerie forces with Libyan security authorities in the efforts to install watchtowers along the border.

"The number of suspects listed at the Ras Ijdir crossing has been reduced from 2,000 to 350," Trabelsi noted, emphasizing efforts to further decrease this number, excluding those proven to be involved in criminal activities.

Additionally, he informed that the opening of the Al-Dabdab border crossing with Algeria, initially scheduled for Tuesday, has been postponed following an agreement with the Algerian side, with plans to open it as soon as possible.