Weather Forecast

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has expected western regions of the country to be affected Tuesday by volatile weather as a result of the crossing of a desert depression accompanied by a relative rise in temperature, with the proliferation of thunderclouds this evening, and chances of scattered rain in the northwestern regions, especially (the Nafusa Mountain regions - the interior of the mountain - and extending to include some coastal regions). It is good at times, causing some local valleys to flow, and thunderclouds include Ghat area and its surroundings, while the southern winds are active today in the areas of Ghadames and Hamada, triggering dust and sand.

The NCM expected that the depression will move tomorrow towards the eastern regions, where temperature will be recorded as relatively high, with relatively active southern wind, and a proliferation of clouds, interspersed with light rain. The temperature will record a markable drop tomorrow, Wednesday, in the northwestern region.

 The weather bulletin about expected weather conditions in Libya, Tuesday, 07 May 2024, as follows:

1.    Area extending from Ras Jadir to Sirte - Al-Jafara Plain - Jabal Nafusa (North West of Libya):
- Sky condition: Clouds will increase from this evening over the area, interspersed with scattered rain, accompanied by thunderstorms, especially in the mountainous areas, which may cause some local valleys to flow.
- Wind: Easterly to south-easterly, moderate in speed, active at times, turning tomorrow into Moderate to active northeasterly and northwesterly wind.
- Temperature: Ranges between (28-34°C) and will record a noticeable decrease starting tomorrow.

2.    Gulf - Benghazi plain up to Emssad (North East of Libya):
- Sky condition:    Few clouds, increasing tomorrow in most regions, with a chance of scattered rain that may be accompanied by thunderstorms. 
- Wind: Northeasterly to southeasterly, moderate to active, causing dust and sand to move over the Gulf regions and Benghazi. On Thursday, it will be a brisk westerly to northwesterly wind.
- Temperature: Ranges between (23-28°C). An increase will be recorded tomorrow, then it will decrease on Thursday.

    3.    Al-Jufra - Sabha - Ghat - Ghadames – Hamada (South West of Libya):
- Sky condition:      Thunderclouds will increase over Ghat and Majur, interspersed with scattered rain, while some clouds will appear over the area.
- Wind: Southeasterly, moderate to brisk, especially over Ghadames and Al-Hamada, causing dust and sand to move tomorrow evening northwesterly.
- Temperature: Ranging between (35-40 °C), expected to decrease from tomorrow evening.

  4.  The Oases - Sarir - Tazirbo – Kufra (South East of Libya):
- Sky condition: Some clouds will appear over the area.
- Wind: Moderate to active northeasterly wind will turn tomorrow to moderate to active easterly and southeasterly, causing dust and sand to be stirred up.
- Temperature: Ranging between (29-34 °C), it will drop as of Thursday evening.