Libya has voiced support for the measures taken by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to prevent genocide in the Gaza Strip, urging immediate and prompt implementation and adherence to these measures.

The support was reflected in statements issued by both the Presidential Council (PC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Unity. 

The ICJ decision obliges the Israeli occupation to take steps to prevent the occurrence of acts of genocide against Palestinians.

The Foreign Ministry described the step as "historic and just," particularly in light of the mass genocide faced by the Palestinian people in general and specifically in Gaza, expressing hope for a prompt decision ordering a complete ceasefire and the cessation of hostilities.

Separately, the PC welcomed this development, viewing it as a victory for humanity and law, beneficial in stopping the killing campaign carried out by the occupation against civilians.

It may be worth noting that PC President Mohamed Al-Menfi had announced Libya's support and its joining of the lawsuit filed by South Africa before the ICJ regarding the practices of the Israeli occupation in Palestine.