The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Government of National Unity has praised the Qatari, Egyptian and American mediation efforts that contributed to an agreement on a 4-day humanitarian truce in Gaza.

In a statement, the Ministry called for implementation of all provisions of the truce and the final cessation of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

The statement also called for allowing the flow of aid and humanitarian convoys that arrived in the areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

The State of Qatar announced earlier on Wednesday the success of joint mediation efforts together with Egypt and the United States, between Israel and the Palestinian resistance movement, which resulted in an agreement on a humanitarian truce, the start of which will be announced within 24 hours, and will last for four-renewable days.

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the agreement includes exchange of 50 civilians both women and children prisoners in the Gaza Strip in the first stage, in exchange for the release of a number of Palestinian women and children detained in Israeli prisons, provided that the numbers of those released will be increased in later stages of the implementation of the agreement.

The statement added: “The truce will also allow the entry of a larger number of humanitarian convoys and relief aid, including fuel designated for humanitarian needs.”

Qatar underscored the continuation of its diplomatic efforts to reduce escalation, stop bloodshed, and protect civilians, appreciating the role of Egypt and the USA in supporting the mediation efforts to reach this agreement.