The Libyan Fatwa House said on Sunday that it is following with great sorrow the sufferings of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip after Israeli forces killed a dozen civilians and wounded hundreds of others in a series of airstrikes.

"Supporting the oppressed in Jerusalem, Gaza, and the entire regions of Palestine is a duty on the Islamic nation, including rulers and those ruled," the Council of Sharia Research and Studies of the Fatwa House said, calling the Islamic world to render all possible support to help their brothers in Palestine.

The statement also expressed rage at the storming and desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Jews settlers backed by the occupation soldiers and under their protection.

"The Palestinians attacked by the occupying forces have the right to repel the aggression and defend themselves, their families, their land... against those who want to expel them from their homes."

Preachers, scholars, writers, activists, and all community leaders have a sober obligation to unveil and disseminate the truth to the people, the council says.

It urged the Muslim nations to go out to the streets and voice their rejection of the injustice done to their brothers in Jerusalem and Gaza.

Violence escalated in the Palestinian territory after Israeli forces killed a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group while Palestinian rockets barrages into southern Israel in response.

The three days of Israeli bombardment in Gaza killed at least 44 Palestinians, including 15 children. At least 350 Palestinian civilians have also been wounded.