The Islamic Sharia Research and Studies Council of the Libyan Fatwa House has condemned "the support of the UN Support Mission in Libya: UNSMIL, and some states' ambassadors" for Khalifa Haftar who "is a rebel against legitimacy and the Government of National Unity that is recognized by the international community."

The council said in a statement Sunday that the UNSMIL and certain ambassadors are equalizing the legitimacy with the outlaws and this is an unfair intervention in Libyan affairs.

It also welcomed the preparation for elections and the calls for holding fair and transparent elections as they are the only way for Libyans to choose their leadership without force and coercion, adding that any elections at the areas out of the government control like those under Haftar's command, are hardly credible as there is no free choice in areas where force and coercion is the norm.

"Haftar's militias used force to prevent the government from entering Benghazi so how they will allow ordinary civilians to vote freely or compete against Haftar and his sons, who have been practicing murder and intimidation. There are areas in the east and south regions that are outside the rule of the government, which should communicate with the international community to prevent holding elections in areas not under its control as they wouldn't be free and fair ones." The Fatwa House added.

It also urged for an investigation into the alleged forgery of voters registry and national IDs, calling on the High National Elections Commission to take up its responsibility and be neutral regarding elections and electoral centers as well as fair population representation.