A Libyan fisherman saved the lives of 120 illegal migrants who were stranded onboard a broke down dinghy 7 miles off northern Zuwara shores.

The migrants were from different Arab, and African nationalities in addition to Bangladeshis, Libyan News Agency reported the spokesman of the Libyan Navy, Ayoub Qassim, who added that there were also 6 women.

“I wrestled the waves all the way through the ocean by tugging the broken down dinghy to Zuwara port using my small fishing boat.” The fisherman was reported as saying.

The coastguards received the 120 migrants and humanitarian and medical assistance was duly provided for them before they would be sent to the Passports Investigation Apparatus, as there was no centers for the Illegal Immigration Fight Department in Zuwara.

Earlier, two Libyan men responded to rescue call by an immigrants’ boat and battled high waves boarding a jet ski to save the lives of 8 illegal immigrants, who were abandoned on a broken down dinghy in the middle of the sea.