The spokesman for the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) Abdullah Blehiq said the HoR will vote Wednesday on the public budget of 2022 after Tuesday session in Sirte was suspended to allow members to revise the draft budget that had been amended by the Libyan government (Fathi Bashagha's government) for remarks to financial committee.

Blehiq told reporters that the HoR held a session in Sirte in the presence of Speaker Aqila Slahe and his deputy Fawzi Nuwairi to discuss the draft budget of Bashagha's government, but he didn't give the number of attending MPs.

Blehiq said before the session that it would be closed and tackle 2022 budget after remarks by financial and planning committee following the parliamentary notes about the proposed funds and ways of distributing them.

Bashagha government’s proposed budget is estimated at nearly 95 billion dinars on four chapters, the biggest of which is salaries (over 41 billion dinars).