The Islamic Research and Studies Council (IRSC) of the Fatwa House in Libya has urgently called on all Libyan political stakeholders, parties elders, notables and the members of the preparatory committee to swiftly contain the current apparent plotted downfall of Libya by engaging in its national initiative for a political solution.

"With all the current hurdles that are troubling Libyans' daily lives - such as deteriorated economic and security conditions, and others issues like regrouping of IS militants in central and southern Libya giving foreign power the pretext for intervening even more in Libya - there must be a solution that is fair for all Libyans away from foreign agendas and intervention." The IRSC said in a statement issued on Saturday.

It added that the national initiative is an asset for all Libyans now given that some officials in Libya are now publicly announcing that they are accomplices of recurrent attacks on and violations of Libya's sovereignty.

The statement cited the need for a swift action under the new initiative amid what has been seen lately in Tripoli from destroying, ransacking and burning houses as well as killing of people and attacking the Fatwa House.

"All theses actions happen away from the laws and under the close attention of the UN-proposed government, which has not voiced any concern or condemnation of those acts." The statement reads, adding that this could indicate that the revolutionaries and public people who are in favor of the February revolution might end up killed or behind bars.