The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah reiterated Thursday, in a speech at a seminar organized by a ministerial committee for supporting and holding elections under the slogan "Monitoring Elections Experiences and Learned Lessons", said holding elections in Libya was hindered by the lack of a fair regulatory law based on a consensual constitutional basis.

Dbeibah said his government was open to any initiatives that boost trust in securing elections so that those who wish to prolong transitional periods are left behind, reiterating that his government had done all it's commitments toward holding elections, enumerating the work done by several government institutions over the last period.

"Our government launched several initiatives to support the democratic experience, especially Youtha Parliament, municipal elections, and youth councils' elections. We also called for doing a survey to get the public opinion. Our goal is to hold elections and have a constitution for the country." Dbeibah said, expressing support for the UN envoy's efforts that aim to commit to the roadmap which puts an end to transitional periods, and pushes all parties for issuing constitutional basis for elections.