Members of the High Council of State (HCS) and House of Representatives (HoR) from the southern region announced on Wednesday their rejection of the initiative of the United Nations envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, regarding the political process that had witnessed a stalemate in the recent period.

This announcement came during a meeting held by the First Deputy Head of the HCS, Masoud Abeid, with members of the HCS and HoR from the south, at the headquarters of the State Council in Tripoli, where a statement was issued saying that they had agreed to reject Bathily's initiative regarding the five-party talks due to the lack of any representation of Fezzan in his proposed initiative.

The statement added that the meeting also agreed to present the Fezzan document to the UN envoy, which included the strategic vision for development and stability in their region. 

Bathily has extended invitations to key Libyan institutional stakeholders to attend a meeting in the coming period to reach a settlement on the politically contested issues pertaining to the implementation of the electoral process. 

UNSMIL said Thursday in a statement that Bathily had requested the institutional stakeholders to designate representatives to participate in a preparatory meeting, adding that the designated representatives of the Presidential Council, House of Representatives,  High Council of State, Government of National Unity and the General Command of the Libyan National Army would discuss the date, venue, and agenda of the meeting of their principals.