In response to the current happenings in Palestine, hundreds of Libyans in several cities organized protests to voice their outrage towards the Israeli aggression against their brothers in Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah, and the bombing of Gaza.

Fatima Al-Zahra, who took part in the protest staged in the Martyrs Square of Tripoli yesterday, told our correspondent "It is important to show our brethren Palestinians that they are not alone, the very least we can do is to show our solidarity and full support for those who are being forced to leave their homes in Sheik Al-Jarrah as well as those defending Al-Aqsa and the people of Gaza Strip who are facing the murderous Israeli aggression".

"We hope our protest in Libya and elsewhere will put pressure on politicians and world powers to stop the Israeli violence in Palestine," Fatima added.

On Tuesday, protesters gathered in front of the Palestinian Embassy in Tripoli, including members of the Palestinian community in Libya, calling on an end to the Israeli violence against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza Strip.

Crowds have also been gathering in the Mayrtar Square of Tripoli after the Taraweeh prayer for the past consecutive days, flying Palestinian flags and chanting victory for the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and demanding the Arab leaders to open the borders.

Activists called for similar protests in Misrata, Zawia, and Benghazi, as the hashtags #SaveSheikhJarrah and #GazaUnderAttack dominated conversations across Libyan social media platforms.