The High Council of State (HCS) has put off the voting on the House of Representatives (HoR) proposal to reshape the Presidential Council to next Monday. 

According to the HCS's member Saad Ben Shrada, Thursday's session saw the members agreeing on amending the proposal then the voting was delayed till Monday session. 

BEn Shrada told reporters that the HCS has earlier tasked its dialogue committee to amend the proposal of the HoR due to some qualms by certain HCS members. 

"In essence, there is an agreement on the proposal to reshape the Presidential Council, but to be safe we referred it to amendment and then voting." He added. 

The Head of HoR dialogue committee sent the proposal to his HCS counterpart Mousa Faraj for endorsement.

Two deputies and one head is the newly proposed Presidential Council, according to the second article of the proposal.

Selection will be by choosing one PC member from each region in Libya by the HoR and HCS after two weeks following the HoR’s inclusion of the Skhirat political agreement in the constitutional declaration.

After endorsing the new PC members buy the two councils, HoR will elect one the members a president of the PC, which will in turn elect a Prime Minister in a week time, after that the two councils form a committee to agree on sovereign posts’ nominations.