The spokesman for the House of Representatives (HoR) Abdullah Blehiq said the HoR members unanimously approved on Wednesday the 2022 budget worth nearly 90 billion dinars of Fathi Bashagha's government, saying the vote was 103 members – 98 at the headquarters of the session in Sirte and 5 others via voice recording.

It's worth mentioning that the constitutional declaration says the approval of budget’s session should be attended by at least 120 members with the winning vote being a unanimous one (Two thirds + 1) of the quorum.

The HoR has rejected over the last year five budget proposals from the Government of National Unity, citing the massive amount of the budget compared to the short term in office for the government. Some of the proposed budgets were less than the budget approved on Wednesday.

In May, Bashagha's government, which was designated by the HoR to replace the unity government, proposed the 2022 budget worth over 94 billion dinars on four chapters.

The first chapter is related to salaries worth over 41 billion dinars, the second chapter is related to steering and operating expenses worth over 8 billion dinars, the third chapter is for development and reconstruction projects and programs worth over 17 billion dinars, and the fourth chapter is related to subsidies’ expenses worth over 26 billion dinars.