The member of the House of Representatives (HoR) for Murzuq town, Mohammed Leeno, said Sunday that the forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar had burnt his house and those of his father and siblings plus about 90 other houses, destroying several properties in the town.

Leeno told reporters that Haftar's forces had been killing people based on their IDs, confirming that there are over 19 bodies in Murzuq hospital and decomposed bodies on the streets.

"I blame the commander of Dignity Operation forces Abdelsalam Al-Hassi for the violations done in Murzuq as he gave orders to storm into the houses." He added.

He also said that they have evidence for the participation of Sudanese rebels in the fighting alongside Haftar's forces, indicating that the HoR has no authority on those forces.

Haftar's forces said Friday they had controlled Murzuq after clashes with Tubu South Protection Force.

They announced that they "liberated Murzuq from Chadian gangs and seized arms and vehicles, in addition to capturing many of the fighters."

Meanwhile, several HoR members suspended their memberships and some Interim Government officials resigned over "ethnic cleansing" against Tubu Libyans by Haftar's forces and his Sudanese mercenaries.