The Presidential Council's Interior Ministry said it had arrested a person who used to appear in videos threatening to attack Mitiga prison run by Tripoli Special Deterrence Force (SDF) and free ISIS militants and other extremists detained in it.

Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha told all security apparatuses that Abdelsalam Shughib had been arrested and was under interrogation at the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The ministry warned Sunday against any sabotage or vandalism at the state institutions for any personal benefits, saying any attack is a treason and a coup against the government, especially at this time as the capital is being attacked by "illegitimate gangs."

The ministry also said that the offensive on Tripoli helps create mayhem and undermines efforts to root out terrorism and organized crime, adding that it is very keen on protecting the capital and the people as well as state institutions.

"We will bring down all those who are part of terrorist groups and we will prevail security and prohibit the use of violence so that all people across Libya are safe and secure." The statement reads, saying it is ready to cooperate with all neighboring countries and friend ones to fight terrorism and cross border crime.

Days ago, the ministry said it had apprehended ISIS militants who infiltrated into Tripoli to carry out terrorist attacks in Tripoli and its suburbs.