Libya’s Mufti, Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani, has warned Al-Zawiya residents of conspiracies being plotted by Khalifa Haftar and his entourage to entice conflict among them.

“You should use Benghazi as an example of what would become of you and your city if you let Haftar’s conspiracies work on you.” The Mufti said on Tanasuh TV addressing Al-Zawiya residents.

He also added that the killing of civilians and throwing them in a landfill in Benghazi is nothing less than an inhuman crime, adding that the people of Al-Zawiya city must not fight each other for the sake of the tribe because “whoever does that will be considered an ignorant,” the Mufti added.

“All of the killing in Al-Zawiya will then be considered an act of counter-terrorism, while the real aim of the conflict is destroying the city and repeating the scenario of Benghazi.” Sheikh Al-Gharyani added, urging Al-Zawiya people to learn a lesson from what is going on in Iraq, which he said has paid a million deaths.

The Mufti also called on all the tribes to cooperate in punishing the criminals, adding that the elders should swiftly move and try to resolve the fight in Al-Zawiya by reconciliation through Sharia methods.