The Presidential Council has called for the immediate end of military operations in southern Libya to protect people and avoid any more bloodshed.

In a statement on Tuesday, the PC condemned military escalation in southern Libya including airstrikes on Murzuk town, where many were injured.

"We urge all parties to listen to words of the mind and quit engaging in destabilizing actions." The statement reads.

It adds that war on terrorism, crime and mercenaries is a target for all, but it should be done via coordination among all state security apparatuses, not through hasty military operations.

The PC said that such acts harm the efforts to solve the crisis in Libya, adding that the solution should come through unity of institutions not division.

"Libya's south is very vital to stability but it shouldn't turn into a battlefield for settling political conflicts or social feuds." The statement adds.

Haftar's forces launched a military operation in southern Libya and had been using, according to sources, Sudanese Justice and Equality rebels as fighters in some southern districts. Many have been injured and some have been killed in different areas in the south since the start of the operation.