Misrata revolutionary fighters called on Friday for mobilization of forces and the city's revolutionaries and closed Dafniya checkpoint, western Misrata, in protest against the recent incidents in Tripoli.  

They added that the checkpoint will be closed until all the people, who are kidnapped in Tripoli based on their IDs, are released.

The fighters, loyal to the Salvation Government, urged in a statement for the immediate handover of the Guest Palaces for the Salvation Government and demanded an official apology for the attack on the Rixos compound.

"All the criminal acts that took place in the capital are aimed at enabling a foothold for the coup -scheming Dignity Operation under the command of Khalifa Haftar." The statement remarked.

Hinting at the ceasefire signed by many Misrata brigades with the supervision of the Presidential Council, the statement said that all those who sign on any illusionary agreements represent only themselves and have no links to Misrata city.

"The militias of Tripoli must withdraw from all state institutions where they are now positioned." The statement adds, indicating that those "militias" are damaging and attacking the revolution of 17 February and they should compensate the people for the damage they caused to their properties as well as the government for the damage caused to the state institutions.

They also called for sending the injuries for treatment, and giving the families of the victims their due rights, calling on the southern and central military zones and municipalities to show their clear stance toward what is going on in Tripoli.

“The revolutionaries will never be silenced, they should get their due rights as they gave Libyans theirs by freeing Sirte from IS militants.” They said.

"Those fighters can take matters in their own hands; we will not be worried about them." The statement explains.

The statement concluded by urging the western region's leaderships to have a vivid standpoint regarding the attempts to return the rule of military to Libya.