The head of the Misrata military council, Brigadier General Ibrahim Ben Rajab, said visiting Al-Jufra was meant to show support for the force that is securing the airbase in there as it had been appointed by the Central Military Zone.

Ben Rajab added on Monday that he and the delegation visited the headquarters of the 12 Brigade of the UN-proposed government’s Defense Ministry and met with the commander of the Benghazi Military Zone as well as the Defend Benghazi Brigades in a bid to gather support for the military institution to form an army loyal to the country.

“We hold so dear onto the 17 February revolution and we call on all of the revolutionaries in Libya to be united against the plots that are being woven for destroying Libya and dragging it back to the dictatorship reign.” He indicated.

Last week, the Misrata military council received a number of military councils’ delegations from the western region and Nafousa Mountain to emphasize the importance of the recommendations of the Sixth Gathering for Libyan Military Officials, including appointing commanders and leaders for the military institution so they could start founding the Libyan Army.