The dialogue committee that is brokering a reconciliation deal between Tawergha and Misrata convened a meeting on Tuesday in Tripoli, where it conducted its last preparations following the preliminary agreement signed in Tunisia before the singing and approval of the final reconciliation deal in the few coming days.

The two parties of the agreement hailed the efforts that have been exerted over the last months in a bid to end the rift between both cities despite the stumbling stones that faced the dialogue.

“The items of the deal must be applied on the ground so that both cities’ residents can benefit from the reconciliation.” The meeting voiced.

The two parties agreed on coming up with initiatives that can boost the agreement and bring the residents of the two cities together, soothing along the way the public opinion regarding this case.

They agreed on conducting cultural and sports activities together. 
The Tawergha mayor, Abdelrahman Al-Shakshak, said in a press statement Tuesday that today’s meeting is for finalizing the reconciliation deal that will bridge the gap between Misrata and Tawergha and allow the IDPs of Tawergha to return to their houses.

Al-Shakshak added that 2016 was a year of around-the-clock work between Misrata and Tawergha municipalities via several meetings and visits to Misrata in a bid to get this issue over with once and for all.