The Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Burita said holding general elections in Libya on December 24 is the only way out of the crisis, adding that the conflict of legitimacy and parallel institutions cannot be resolved without a democratic exercise undertaken by all Libyans.

Burita said in a joint press conference with the Head of the Libyan High Council of State, Khalid Al-Mishri, that there is progress in basic conditions for holding elections in Libya, especially legislations and institutions organizing the democratic process, saying all Libyans should be on the same page regarding these legislations.

"The stability of executive institutions emanating from the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum is necessary to the success of elections on time. Daily demands and services of people can only achieved by a stable and political dialogue-brokered apparatus." He said.

He added that meetings with House of Representatives Speaker Aqila Saleh, UN envoy Jan Kubis, and Al-Mishri were to open the door for Libyans to reach understandings on the way forward, especially elections.

Meanwhile, Al-Mishri hailed Morocco's efforts to achieve consensus among Libyans, saying the High Council of State insists on holding elections on December 24.

He said the High Council of State is working to get insurances of acceptance of elections' results, specifically presidential ones; in addition to safe parliamentary elections that allow the executive authority to work, adding that the High Council of State is an essential partner in devising legislations for elections.