A number of House of Representatives' members, mayors and senior leaders of armed brigades in Tripoli and the western region reiterated in a televised statement Saturday their support for the Presidential Council to form a national unity government that will prepare for elections in next December.

The televised statement, which came after a meeting in Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, rejected the participation of any party or individual that backed the aggression on Tripoli, reiterating the need for holding those war advocates accountable for their crimes, especially "Khalifa Haftar and Aqila Saleh".

The statement also reiterated that all Libyans are "partners in the country", and rejected "the fait accompli policy," considering that any solution to the crisis should come from inside Libya through holding elections on schedule.

The statement came as a response to attempts led by a number of politicians, especially those linked with the Justice and Construction Party - political wing of Muslim Brotherhood in Libya - to conduct a power sharing method to allow Aqila Saleh to be elected Head of the new Presidential Council and current Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha as his Prime Minister.

This notion was rejected by several political and military parties in western Libya, launching bitter criticism at the Justice and Construction Party as well as Bashagha, who denied that he had made such a deal but reiterated he wanted to be elected as a Prime Minister, saying of that happened, it would be by people's will as it would result from the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.