The Libyan Grand Mufti, Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, has urged Libyans to take to the streets, call for their rights, and demand end of Derna’s siege.

The Mufti said Wednesday in a statement addressing Derna residents that people should not be silent on the siege, warning that any form of oppression will return to them if they remained silent.

“Siege on Derna is wrong and Libyans shall not remain silent.” The Mufti stressed in his statament.

The Libyan Fatwa House has called the siege of Haftar's forces on Derna an atrocious attack on the civlians when the siege was tightened at the begenning of this month. 

Omar Al-Mukhtar military operations room of Dignity Operation has been besieging Derna for months disallowing cash, cooking gas, fuel, medicines and other basic needs from entering the city except for scarce exceptions.