The participants of the Second National Accord meeting in Gharyan have held the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the UNSMIL legally and morally responsible for the crimes committed against humanity in 
Libya and have urged them both to sue all those involved in the crimes inside or outside Libya.

In the concluding statement on Thursday, the participants reiterated that it is necessary that the UNSMIL and the UN envoy, Martin Kobler, merely do their jobs, which imply giving opinions and technical consultations leaving the Libyan sovereignty intact.

“We urge the UNSMIL to put a decisive end to the foreign interventions in Libya’s domestic affairs and to the threats posed against Libya’s stability, security and unity, in addition, we demand they come in person to Libya and carry out their duties from within Libya as per the International Law for Human Rights.” The statement reads.

The statement also called on the General Attorney of the International Criminal Court to take up the necessary legal measures against the ongoing crimes against humanity in Libya done by some persons who are known to all.

“The UN Secretary General and the UNSC President should start up an investigation to question the ex-envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, about the press leaks that render his Libyan mission as dubious and murky, and then appoint a legal team to follow his case up.” Adds the statement.

The Accord meeting participants also strongly condemned the airstrikes on Benghazi and other cities across Libya, calling for its end in recognition of the UNSC resolutions, besides; they called for an end of the foreign assault on Al-Kufra city and the Libyan south, denouncing the role of international and regional parties in fueling the Libyan conflict.

The Second National Accord meeting ended with a call for a third one in Tripoli, without specifying the date, to announce a set of political resolutions that would be the cornerstone for resolving Libya’s current crisis, knowing that the first National Accord meeting was held in Misrata back on October 15.