The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) denounced on Tuesday the use of the terms terrorism and extremism in order to settle down some political agendas.

NCHRL also decried the fact that the House of Representatives' defense and national security committee issued a list of terrorist names and entities in order to attack and eliminate its political opponents.

"The accusations of terror and radicalism of the HoR committee are baseless and invalid and are only directed at political opponents under the name of fighting terrorism." The NCHRL said in the statement, adding that this measure is illegal and unconstitutional as the issuing committee is already dissolved by another parliament decision.

"Only the Libyan judiciary can label individuals and entities as terrorists after evidence and proofs are delivered and proven right. This move is nothing of the HoR's authority." The statement reads.

The HoR Speaker and other official entities at the Tobruk-based parliament must quickly interfere and annul this "blacklist," the NCHRL indicated, saying because such a list shelves the efforts made in order to keep the dialogue and reconciliation going.

"None of the parties in Libya should use terror and extremism as a pretext to try and end other opponents and limit the work of social and political activists." It added.

The statement comes after the HoR defense and national security committee issued a list of 75 persons and 9 entities in Libya as terrorists, including the Head of the High Council of State, Abdelrahman Al-Sweihli, Head of the Justice and Construction Party Mohammed Sawan, and other political stakeholders.