The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is meddling in the Libyan political process and has managed to fail it, Abdelrahman Al-Sweihl, the Head of the High Council of State (HCS), was reported as saying by The New Arab.

It also reported a reliable source, who asked to remain unidentified, that Al-Sweihli said when meeting the President of the Tunisian Parliament, Mohammed Al-Nasser, on Friday that he is concerned over the UAE's role in the Libyan political process.

"I am concerned over sending weapons by the UAE to some of the conflict parties in Benghazi and over manipulating media outlets and sites to hinder the dialogue in Libya and to put pressure on parties so the political settlement would fail." Al-Sweihli explained.

He added that the UAE's intervention has been unveiled as it keeps sending fighter jets to Benghazi, pointing out that the visit of the UAE deputy chief of staff Essa Al-Mizweghy, to Khalifa Haftar's command is a proof.

"The fact that no Egyptian and UAE official visited Tripoli until today show how biased those two countries are, knowing that Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is not taking positive steps towards the tripartite initiative launched by Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria." Al-Sweihli added, according to The New Arab.

He also indicated that Libyan parties are going to go for a third dialogue round under the UN-led action plan of Ghssan Salame, and this is a final chance to save Libya's political process from collapse.

Al-Sweihli more than once warned of a foreign country's intervention, without naming it, that had been hindering the political process for its own interests, which include seeing Libya more divided and in more unrest.

HCS's Head arrived Friday in Tunisia for talks with the Tunisian Parliament President about the resumption of the dialogue with the Tobruk Parliament to look at the amendment of the Libyan Political Agreement and other issues.