The Presidential Council (PC) in its capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Libyan army has issued a series of decisions to promote officers and restructure the army.

According to the decision, the officers (Salah Al-Namroush, Abdel-Qader Mansour, Muhammad Musa) will take on new tasks after being promoted to the rank of lieutenant general.

Al-Namroush will serve as deputy chief of staff, in addition to his role as commander of the West Coast region.

Under the decision, the PC established two new bodies, namely Operations and Training and the Control and Judiciary Authority. The former is now affiliated with the Chief of Staff, while the latter comprises four key departments, including the General Authority for Military Justice, the Military Intelligence Department, the Military Public Prosecutor and the Finance Department.

Abdul Qader Mansour will helm the Operations and Training while Muhammad Musa will lead the Control and Judiciary Authority.

Moreover, the Supreme Commander of the Army has called on the Ministry of Defence to maintain the joint operations room in the western and southwestern regions.

The military units stationed in Gharyan, Mizda, Nasma, Qurayyat, and Zalten will continue to perform their tasks until a decision regarding them is taken by the Defence and Security Council.