The Presidential Council, in its capacity as Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, issued an order to all military units requiring them to obtain prior permission before carrying out any movements, regardless of the reasons and justifications.

"We alert all military unit commanders of the need to adhere to the instructions and return vehicles, weapons, and individuals to their camps," a statement by the PS said.

It obliged the Chief of General Staff and the Military Intelligence Department to report any military unit that violates these instructions.

The joint operations room for the defence of the western and southwestern regions had announced that it had assigned a force to secure and protect the region, including the Ras Jedir crossing border.

However, this has caused tension in the region as the Supreme Council of the Amazigh of Libya believes that the move is an attempt to control the Ras Jedir crossing.

The Council warned of any military movement that would drag the western region, especially near the city of Zuwara, into "unpredictable events."

It further called on the Prime Minister to immediately dissolve the Joint Chamber and withdraw it from the region.

The Council stressed through its president that the Amazigh component would not participate or be represented in the joint room, which came after deliberate marginalization of the Amazigh, as they put it.