Several members of the House of Representatives for Sabha and Ubari and ministers of the UN-proposed government of Presidential Council attended a ceremony in the House of Culture in Sabha to mark the handover of Sabha's Civil Airport to the Security Directorate of Sabha.

In a speech, the Minister of Local Government Badad Qanasu praised the work of all the sheiks and dignitaries of the south who contributed to solving the problems and obstacles and to the communication committee for its efforts in reopening the airport.

Hamed Rafah Al Khayali, Mayor of Sabha took the opportunity to highlight several additional barriers facing the municipality in other areas such as education and implored the officials to support the National Security Directorate to carry out its duties smoothly.

"After several attempts for the preparation for this event, an agreement has been reached between Awlad Suleiman tribe and a number of official bodies," Zolay Mena Saleh Qalama, the leader of Tabu tribes in Libya said. "We stand together for the homeland and our citizens and seek only for security and safety," he added.

The Sabha International Airport, which is considered as the only lifeline for the southern route, was closed after the clashes that broke out in the city of Sabha in January 2014.