The Presidential Council (PC) formed in a Wednesday order a new force tasked with securing and protecting the southern region in Libya, the media office of the Head of the PC Fayez Al-Sirraj, reported.

Al-Sirraj tasked western military zone commander, Osama Al-Juwaili, central military zone Mohammed Al-Haddad, and Tripoli military zone Abdelbasit Marwan to take the needed measures to form the new force: a force of three brigades to operate in the Libyan south.

“Every brigade shall be prepared in full in the coming 10 days.” Al-Sirraj demanded.

Sabha, and Libya’s south in general, has been seeing heavy armed clashes amid a huge security vacuum and fuel as well as arms smuggling not to mention human trafficking and other sabotage and vandalism acts to the Man-Made River System and electricity stations.

Since February 2018, Sabha has descended into armed fighting between Tubu and Awald Sulaiman tribesmen, leaving scores between dead and injured, not to mention the displacement of several families from the clashes’ zones.