The municipality of Sabha has condemned using force to establish grounds for any faction in the south and denounced taking advantage of any unrest in the region in order to relocate the conflict into Libya’s south and thus put the lives of the residents at a great danger.

In a statement issued Thursday, Sabha municipality said the military institution must be activated in southern Libya, adding that the army and the police should come back with their work ethics and professionalism so that they can be the savior of the region out of the current deteriorated situation.

“What has been announced in Al-Jadid area does not represent the city of Sabha whatsoever.” The statement reads, referring to the meeting that was urged for by the former regime henchmen, who are also followers of Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation, calling dismissing the Third Force from the southern region.

It also added that it strongly rejects expelling any force from the southern region until a national alternative is found and put in place so that the region’s security and that of the state institutions remain intact and off the hands Libya’s enemies.

“We call on all of the municipal councils in the south to meet with the military leaderships in the region to establish a common denominator regarding reactivating the military institution as soon as possible.” Sabha municipality remarked.

The spokesman for the Third Force, Mohammed Gliwan, responded to the meeting’s decisions by saying that the Third Force won’t lay a foot out of the southern region and hence will never hand it to the former regime followers.

“We know well that the aim of dislodging the Third Force is to enable Haftar’s forces to have a grip on the airbases and military camps in the south so that they can expand westward.” Gliwan added.