The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, has stated that the UN Support Mission in Libya isn't part of the current conflict and is only a mediator to bring all parties together for a peaceful solution.

Salame added in an interview with a Libyan TV channel loyal to Khalifa Haftar on Wednesday that the UNSMIL is in communication with Haftar for the efforts of the political solution in the country.

Salame also said that the UNSMIL's role in Libya is bringing parties together on the table of dialogue and help bring an end to clashes, adding that the UNSMIL is always with reconciliation and ceasefire, hailing the efforts of the elders who helped materialize the ceasefire in southern Tripoli.

"The UNSMIL, however; won't tolerate any violations of the southern Tripoli ceasefire and will hold those who do so accountable." Salame said.

He added that weapons in Libya should be separated from the political process, saying the UNSMIL will remain in full support for fighting terrorism and protecting civilians.

"Security is very vital for holding elections and we are now working on creating better conditions for the upcoming democratic privileges in Libya. We are now carrying out logistic works to support municipal, presidential and parliamentary elections." Salame explained.

He indicated that the UNSMIL is looking for commitment by all Libyan parties before going to elections so that they all accept the results and thus avoid Libya the 2014 scenario, adding that he wishes to see bigger number of voters and an agreement by all Libyans on a timeline for the referendum and elections holding.