The Salvation Government has resigned, a statement published in the official Facbook account of Ministry of Justice on Tuesday announced.

"The SG is no more an executive authority, and it will bear no responsibility for any future developments out of the current situation." The statement reads.

The SG attributed the resignation to its inclination to maintain Libya’s greater good and to save the country from any fights and bloodshed as well as to protect it from fragmentation and division, pointing out that the SG wanted to keep Tripoli away from any armed clashes.

On March 29, the SG issued a statement accusing the Presidential Council of the Sirraj Government of being infiltrators and urged them to return to where they came from.

After that, the SG issued another statement on March 31 announcing that it is not keeping a firm grip on power and decided to pass all the legislative issues and decisions to the GNC, asking it to do what it sees fit, as it is the only legitimate authority in Libya.