A woman was killed and six others wounded including three children when indiscriminate shells fell on Tawerga IDPs camp in Tripoli on Sunday.

The Chairman of Tawerga Local Council Abdul-Rahman Al-Shikmak said armed clashes erupted near the camp in Al-Fellah district this evening, but he could not identify the warring groups.

He said calm prevailed in the area following hours of fighting and the wounded IDPs, one in critical condition, have been sent to hospital for treatment.

Al-Shikmak called on Tripoli authorities and the armed groups to take into account the situations of Tawerga IDPs who are going through miserable living conditions.

Meanwhile, armed groups loyal to the General National Congress and the Salvation government have beefed up security around parliament compound in Rixos Hotel in anticipation of any counter attack from groups loyal to the High Council of State and UN-installed government.

The mobilization of GNC forces comes after the takeover of parliament compound on Friday.

On Saturday evening, Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade deployed tanks and armoured vehicles in Tripoli's Martyrs Square while the intention of the move was not clear.