The High Council of State said on Wednesday it would assume the country's legislative power according to Skhirat agreement until Tobruk-based House of Representatives meet in a legal session according to the agreement.

"We are obliged to assume all legislative powers stated in the Libyan political agreement until the House of Representative meet in a valid meeting according to articles 16-17-18 of the agreement," the statement of the advisory Council explained.

Tobruk Parliament has failed to amend the constitutional declaration and endorse the agreement due to exclusion of rogue General Khalifa Haftar from the command of Libyan National Army.

The Dignity Operation-influenced parliament has also refused to give confidence vote to the UN-proposed government’s cabinet that was presented by Fayez Al-Sirraj, the Head of the Presidential Council.

The Council condemned the takeover of oil ports by Dignity Operation militias saying clashes in the oil crescent region would have negative impact on the country's economic, social and security structure.

"We refuse the military escalation of Dignity Operation and its appointment of military governors for municipalities instead of elected mayors," the statement said.

"Khalifa Haftar does not want to be a member in the Libyan Army, he wants to rule Libya and bring dictatorship back, which is totally unacceptable," Salel Makhzoum, the First Deputy President of the Council told reporters.

The Council also accused regional countries of fuelling the conflict in Libya by intervening in its affairs and providing military support to Dignity Operation.