The Supreme Council of Libyan Amazigh expressed its rejection of the outcomes of the 6+6 committee's meetings in Bouznika, Morocco because of "the insistence on marginalizing the Amazigh people in their representation in the proposed House of Representatives and the Senate."

The Council said in a statement that the Amazigh have been marginalized and deprived of sovereign positions in the state over the past years, and they were not a party to the composition of the Presidential Council or the government, accusing the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) of becoming part of the political bargaining to share power in Libya. 

The Council said that the values of justice and democracy were "enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations", and the UN mission is supposed to be the guarantor of those values in Libya, considering UNSMIL a tool used by politicians and militias to impose a certain political situation and share power, stressing that what is happening will negatively affect the constitutional laws, "which are contrary to the principles of the United Nations and the will of the Libyan nation and its social components."

The Council called for returning the Libyan file to the UN General Assembly away from UNSMIL and the Security Council member states, which have proven their failure due to their continued struggles for their interests. It also held UNSMIL fully responsible for the situation in Libya.