The joint operations room for the western and southwestern regions' defence, has denied any intention to target the Amazigh or other components of Libya's society.

In response to the concerns raised by the Supreme Council of the Amazigh of Libya, Moaz Al-Manfoukh, spokesman for the chamber stressed that their primary mission is to preserve social order and peaceful coexistence among all segments of society. 

The chamber was established by the Prime Minister and includes security institutions and military units affiliated with the Council of Ministers and the ministries of interior and defence, Al-Manfoukh said. 

He stressed that their primary task will be to secure the western and southwestern regions, which Al-Manfoukh said were currently outside state control.

According to the spokesman, the temporary force was formed to secure the Ras Ijdir crossing point, following reports of ongoing violations and smuggling operations in the area.

The force will enable state agencies to implement their decisions while ensuring the permanent control of the crossing point remains under the security and intelligence services, he added. 

The Supreme Council of the Amazigh of Libya had warned against any military movement that could create turmoil in the western region, particularly near Zuwara.

The Council called on PM Abdul Hamid Al-Dbeibah, to dissolve the Joint Chamber and withdraw its forces from the region immediately.