The member of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), Nadia Omran, has slapped the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Tobruk, Aqilah Saleh, as someone who is inhibiting the drafting process and is playing a role beyond his authorities when ordering to dissolve the CDA.

"Saleh is biting more than he can chew. He and the HoR are not entitled to interfere in the CDA work as per the constitutional declaration." Omran said.

She also explained that despite the fact that after blueprinting the constitution draft in April 2016 and the annulling of the draft by the Al-Bayda Appeals Court, the CDA continued to work on a better consensus-full draft regardless of all the current hurdles, conflicts and political fragmentation that are impeding the process.

"That is all added to the financial shortage and lack of payments for the salaries of the CDA members for 19 months." Omran added.

The HoR Speaker ordered reshuffling the CDA as it was unable to carry out its mission, stressing in a meeting among tribesmen in eastern Libya last Friday, that the new CDA must be appointed and not elected so that a quick new constitution for Libya can see the light.