The Tripoli Media Days Forum has honoured the correspondent for Al Jazeera in Gaza, Wael Dahdouh, with the Red Saraya Prize for Peace Journalism.

The forum recognized his role in covering the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for over two and a half months, starting from October 7.

Dahdouh expressed his appreciation and dedicated the honour to his colleague Samer Aboudaqa, who was killed while in the line of duty, as well as his family, victims of "reckless and insane Israeli shelling," and to all the martyred from the Palestinian journalism family.

Dahdouh noted that about 100 journalists had been killed while covering the Israeli aggression on Gaza, describing the figure as terrifying and very large compared to all previous wars in the world.

He affirmed his commitment to continue covering events regardless of the consequences and the high price paid.