The highway that links Tripoli with the coastal western cities and towns has been closed again after nearly one month of reopening.

Forsan Janzur Brigade of Tripoli said the highway was closed after one of its fighters was abducted at Checkpoint 27 in Wirshiffana by kidnap gangs on Sunday, in violation of last month's reconciliation agreement between Janzur, Wirshiffana, and Al-Zawiya.

"Our wounded fighter was in an ambulance when an armed group abducted him on identity," the brigade declared, adding that other Janzur locals have been also abducted on identity at the same time.

Wirshiffana kidnap gangs have demanded that their fellows, who are detained in government prisons in Tripoli on criminal charges, be released in exchange for Janzour locals.

"We hold Wirshiffana brigades in charge of Checkpoint 27 responsible for the safety of Janzur locals," Forsan Janzur Brigade added.

Last month, Janzur, Wirshiffana, and Al-Zawiya agreed to reopen the highway after nearly two years of closure by Wirshiffana kidnap groups.

The three sides agreed that police and security departments of Sahil Jafara in Wirshiffana region take charge of Checkpoint 27 and other checkpoints in the highway to stop identity-based abduction and secure passers-by.

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