The United Kingdom's (UK) ambassador to Libya, Caroline Hurndall, concluded her three-day visit to Benghazi and eastern Libya, stressing on Twitter that she had focused on the economy and strengthening the UK's trade partnership with the region.

The British ambassador met with Khalifa Haftar, House of Representatives' Speaker Aqila Saleh, and a number of political and social leaders, activists, and representatives of a number of local companies in the region.

"I’m impressed by the economic growth I’ve seen, from visiting Benghazi’s port to meeting with local businesses. I also heard clear calls for greater transparency in government spending across Libya. All Libyans deserve to see how their government is spending money." She added on Twitter. 

Hurndall reiterated that she had "stressed this in my meetings with Libyan leaders this week. I also emphasised that it is their responsibility to commit constructively to a political process that leads to elections and long term stability for Libya."