"Fayaz Sirraj government will enter Tripoli over our dead bodies," spokesperson of GNC Air Force Colonel Mustafa Al-Sharksi said Tuesday, in response to the latest statement of Sirraj government on Sidra clashes.

Speaking furiously to Al-Nabaa TV, Al-Sharksi deplored Sirraj statement which turned a blind eye to the airstrikes conducted by the GNC Air Force to halt the advance of IS/Daesh towards Sidra Port, while praising the role of Jodran fighters in defending oil ports.

Ajdabia Municipality confirmed the airstrikes, saying they were conducted in coordination between Jodran armed groups and the GNC Air Force.

"Speaking on behalf of the faithful revolutionaries and soldiers, we say to this Sirraj, staring your political career with lies means that you do not want concord or peace." He said.

"This man acted stupidly." He added.

Al-Sharksi confirmed the GNC Air Force will continue airstrikes around Sidra to protect Libya's wealth.

The statement of UN-imposed government of Fayaz Sirraj praised Monday Jodran fighters, describing their role in keeping IS militants away from Sidra as heroic. The statement failed to mention the airstrikes which helped keep IS militants away from their target.