The Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government decided in its latest meeting last Saturday to give the go-ahead for the nominated ministers in the government cabinet to kick off work until they are asked to swear the oath.

The UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council arrived in Tripoli at the end of March hoping to begin with its duties given by the Skhirat-signed political agreement; however, its hopes were shattered by the inflexibility of some Tobruk-based HoR members, who are against the agreement and who continuously prevented HoR members from holding a meeting to amend the constitutional declaration and endorse the government.

It is worth mention that the Presidential Council presented on February 15 a government cabinet of 18 ministers – 13 with ministerial portfolios and 5 state ministers – to be voted for in no more than 10 days according to the political agreement, yet the endorsement vote by the HoR has not been obtained up until today.