As of March 28, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has registered more than 134,000 internally displaced persons in Libya.

UNHCR added in its report that the number of refugees and asylum-seekers registered in Libya during the same period amounted to more than 42,000 refugees, along with 162 other vulnerable groups who left the country.

Regarding immigrants, the UNHCR said that the Libyan authorities intercepted nearly 3800 people who were disembarked at the Tripoli port, in addition to registering the survival of 367 people from "death boats" in the past week.

UNHCR indicated that more than 4000 people were being held in detention centers across the country, including more than 1000 migrants registered with UNHCR. It reaffirmed its continuation in providing assistance and services to asylum seekers in Libya, calling on the international community and the Libyan authorities to work with them to alleviate the plight of immigrants and refugees in the country.

UNHCR requested funding of $70 million for 2022 to help refugees, but it had received only 27% in that year, according to the statement.