The United Nations Support Mission in Libya has called on the Libyan parties to nominate their representatives to the preparatory meeting called for by Head of UNSMIL, Abdoulaye Bathily, without delay, and to agree on a clear electoral path and timetable for the elections, and to reach a consensus on forming a new unified government that will lead the country towards elections.

The mission added, in a statement on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of Libya’s independence, that there is now a constitutional and legal framework for elections that the High National Elections Commission considers technically implementable, noting that delaying action now will deepen the division and expose Libya to various risks that threaten people’s lives and undermine regional stability. 

UNSMIL explained that laws alone cannot lead to successful elections, as they can only be held when the various Libyan parties are truly committed to creating the necessary conditions for their successful implementation.

It further stated that the political parties, civil society, women, youth, notables and sheikhs, in addition to the military and security authorities, must mobilize their efforts and urge the leaders of the main institutions to carry out their duty towards their homeland.

The mission stressed that it is necessary for the international community to unite its ranks in word and deed and urge the concerned Libyan parties to choose the path of peace, unity and democracy, calling on the active regional parties to push the parties towards positive participation and support them conducive to national consensual solutions.