UNSMIL denounces hindering Traghan municipal elections by Haftar's forces

UNSMIL denounces hindering Traghan municipal elections by Haftar's forces

August 25, 2020 - 21:32
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

UNSMIL said Tuesday it was dismayed that an armed group affiliated with what it called the "Libyan Arab Armed Forces", (Khalifa Haftar's forces) halted the elections scheduled for that municipality of Traghan on Tuesday.

"Municipal Council elections represent the vitality of the democratic process at the local level and UNSMIL warmly welcomed the elections that took place in Ghat last week." UNSMIL said in a statement.

The UN mission in Libya said it was a fundamental human right of the citizens of Traghen, and elsewhere, to elect their municipal councils, adding that it deeply regretted that they had been prevented from exercising their rights.

"The Mission reminds all parties in Libya of their obligations to act in accordance with international law and calls on them to protect democratic processes across the country." UNSMIL added.

Meanwhile, a group of gunmen loyal to Haftar attacked Tuesday a polling station in Traghan municipality in south Libya, stopping the entire elections process in the area.

The central commission for municipality elections said Monday it had opened polling stations in Kikla and Traghan areas for voters to elect their municipal representatives, after Ghat elected last week its municipal council successfully.